2) What is an Alternative for Online Challenges in School ?

“Our job is to make sure all of the students are able to access the material with as few barriers as possible, so that no one gets an unfair advantage.”

Michael Williams, head of the social studies department at John F. Kennedy High School

for the parents

Locale: India
Strata: Pre-primary

No doubt, amidst the ongoing wave of pandemic, there are many who find difficulty in online classes, either to develop a new habit, or for genuine constraints during its implementation. The solution to the challenges against Online Live class could be Online Recorded / Asynchronous / Tape-delayed class.

Advantages of Online Recorded class :

  1. Are affordable by all parents, as it can be attended irrespective of
    1. attenuated internet speed and
    2. underdeveloped infrastructure at home.
  2. Can be viewed with convenient break intervals, yielding ease on eyes.
  3. Have flexibility of viewing time to accommodate parental guidance of little children
    1. in case of busy working parents, or
    2. in case of emergency leave from school.
  4. Can be revised at home for special cases like
    1. students lagging behind, or
    2. better committing to memory, or
    3. quick revisions prior to exam, etc.

Nevertheless, the methodology of Online Live / Real-time class has its own set of advantages which promotes its applicability well enough for collegiates without laboratory needs. Therefore, considering the intricacies of little children, the pre-primary standard could be limited to Online Recorded while those beyond pre-primary, classes could be extended to Online Live gradually as per age groups. Not one solution can fit all groups.

Feel free to share your experience as a parent.

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