3) What is Expected of Online Alternative in School ?

“How would you prepare my (KG) kid for ‘public-speaking’ without coming online live ?”

– A parent demanding at parent-teacher meeting, of his child for public speaking skill at the age of learning the foreign language, in kindergarten standard ! This was notably during those days when a certain remarkable advertisement to book a coaching session on public speaking (for entrepreneurs) was flourishing in YouTube.

for the parents

Locale: India
Strata: Pre-primary

Among the alternatives of various modes, Expectation is often skewed over the one, that has either the highest frequency of Familiarity if experienced, or inversely the lowest degree of Undesirability if not comprehended. The experience by parents, of their old school, and incomprehension by children, of unnatural artificial means, have raised the expectation for Online Live sessions, hoping to simulate offline natural/physical gathering in an exact manner, thereby emphasizing particularly the following skills at kindergarten.

  1. Communication skill – Interaction with teachers
    1. Speaking – to enable “public speaking” of the language being learnt fluently
    2. Listening – to share teacher’s attention with other children
  2. Social skill – Interaction with friends
    1. Befriending – to work together with other children
    2. Playing – to have fun with other children

Astonishingly, the above expectations by parents completely overlook the possibilities of new educational benefits of Digital Education, in contrast to mere imitation of offline for old extra-curricular benefits through Online Live Education. Unfortunately, such demands lay stress on, more of lateral co-curricular skills for their children, than the primary educational literacy and numeracy at such a tender age.

Social Skill

Feel free to share your views as a teacher and experience as a parent.

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