4) What is Overshot by Online Expectations in School ?

“The teacher’s task is not to talk, but to prepare and arrange a series of motives …

The education of the senses has, as its aim, the refinement of the differential perception of stimuli by means of repeated exercises.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator best known for her writing on scientific pedagogy

for the parents

Locale: India
Strata: Pre-primary

Expectation, when translated into demand, can enforce fulfillment, whereas demanded by inexperienced, can render a new possibility into an improbable event, even if the event is favourable. Such is called overshoot, implying an aim too high to be correct. Likewise, in contrast to popular demand of Online Live Education, the usual disregard of Digital Education is given below, in terms of its few benefits, especially for the sake of pre-primary children.

  1. Visual receptivity – silent learning materials, are often not preferred by some parents due to no display of face of the teacher talking live.
    1. Pictures/Photo – relate the real world with means beyond bookish layouts ; this is popularly known as flash cards in offline mode of learning.
    2. Animation/Video – develops the ability to cerebrate a scenario only by seeing ; this has been missing in offline learning so far.
  2. Audio receptivity – pure audio clips, are repelled by some parents due to no display of face of the teacher talking live.
    1. Sounds – relate the real world with means impossible by bookish layouts ; this is a training to stimulate imagination and curiosity like going to school, outing to zoo, etc. that is otherwise not advisable during pandemic.
    2. Expression – develops the ability to focus on listening so as to cerebrate a scenario ; this is a training to improve the child’s attention, that is otherwise difficult in distance learning.

The question therefore remains with the parents and teachers, whether to envision online as a mere replacement of offline, or a new upgrade to education, that is, as a simulation of offline through virtual classes, or as an opportunity into innovation through digital lessons. Typically for pre-primary children, it is therefore necessary to embrace the present-day, not as a new normal, but so as to seek a better normal that leverages the digitization of education, irrespective of whether it employs face-to-face interaction or not.

Digital Literacy

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