5) What is Trending out of Online Shots in School ?

“We have more faith in what we imitate than in what we originate. We cannot derive a sense of absolute certitude from anything which has its roots in us. The most poignant sense of insecurity comes from standing alone; we are not alone when we imitate.”

– Eric Hoffer, an American social philosopher and Bruce Lee, a Chinese American martial artist philosopher

for the parents

Locale: India
Strata: Pre-primary

A reform not only substitutes the old with the new, but a part of the old is cast off as irreplaceable, while a part of the new is added up as irreversible. Moreover, for the part that is substituted, it is either not homologous if analogous, or not analogous if homologous. More are they structurally same, the more different functionally they are. Indeed, among all alternatives, the Online Live imitates the old school offline mode the best, but not without its own set of challenges, a few of which are stated below.

  1. Dedication – Lacking school environment and real face-to-face instructions from teacher, cannot reinforce desired behaviour of little children during class hours. This could result into children playing with uneducational toys during online live class, simply due to the sheer availability of various soft-toys at home, unlike at onsite schools.
  2. Discipline – During class hours, switching technological all-in-one mute option by teacher, shall not permit chat among little children. The option of socializing with friends is mainly available during break-time/recess at onsite school which is immaterial during online live distance education at home.
  3. Determination – The adherence to the subject being taught, is a matter of abstract interest being developed in the topic, rather than the tangible interaction with the teacher. Greater interests can be inculcated with various educational tools, that can be made available through Recorded Video of Digital Education instead of Live Chat of Online Education.

Owing to the delicate and intricate nature of children, the simulation of the offline for pre-primary is very unlikely to be as straightforward as the online for post-kindergarten children, whose behaviour is already half-trained with above attributes. Nevertheless, the mitigation of difficulties with above 3D aspects in the arena of Online Live class, requires innovative methods, hence unseen, untested and unproven before the necessity posed by a crisis. Until the capture of trending data and analysis of its effects, it is advisable to have faith on the teachers’ intuition so as to allow a uniform chance to untrending ideated methodologies, that might turn out to be better or as good as the trending ones.

Online Trending

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